Technical Subject Matter Expert

Position Type


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Various Cities in USA




Full Time

Education Level


Pros2Plan LLC, a Spinnaker Company

Job Summary:


Spinnaker’s Consultant role serves as a technical subject matter expert helping client implement supply chain software by performing install and custom configurations involving the development of code.  A strong knowledge in SQL and experience in PL/SQL is highly desired.  


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Support existing JDA and other Supply Chain system by executing the following duties:

  • Check to ensure no critical errors occurred in the batch.

  • Send pro-active emails communicating status if a critical issue was encountered. 

  • Perform analysis of logs and trending information to predict future problems that can be addressed before impacting the business.

  • Conduct regular meeting to walk through system issues, enhancements and system performance reports with the business and technical leadership.

  • Develop, test and implement new code enhancements.

  • Work with scheduling team to make batch schedule changes.

  • Generate ideas for increased technical system efficiency and opportunities for

  • Utilize personal know-how and critical experience to help clients to determine the optimal path for key supply chain process related decisions.

  • Guide clients in best practice and be knowledgeable and self-directed in educating themselves on leading practice.




Required Competencies


Custom Coding


  • Ability to write and maintain code in XML, PL SQL, and batch scripts necessary to support the batch process.

  • Ability to maintain custom interface code by searching for invalid data records and avoid accumulation of necessary records.

  • Ability to write meaningful technical specifications that convey script algorithm in understandable language with graphics to support complex ideas.

  • Ability to leverage version control software to store code base.

  • Ability to schedule existing scripts in an automated scheduling tool, such as Control-M.

  • Possesses a fundamental knowledge of the software development life cycle.

  • Understands the process and documentation needed support user acceptance testing,




  • Possesses a fundamental knowledge of relation database theory and the ability to expend an existing design.

  • Ability to perform logical database administrative tasks, such as adding tables, indexes and removing fragmentation from database objects.

  • Ability to check and monitor database performance leveraging tools, such as Quest Toad and SQL Developer.


Software Tools


  • Ability to comfortably work within:

    • Quest Toad and SQL Developer

    • Familiarity with issue management systems like Remedy or JIRA

    • Notepad, Screen capturing

    • MS Word, MS Excel (including formula usage/defining), MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, MS Visio, MS Project

    • White boards, flip charts, projectors


Communication Skills:


  • Ability to writing presentations, creating documents, and facilitating meetings.

  • Possesses the ability to effectively communicate issue status and set expectation when a system will be available.

  • Possesses the ability to request resources and help before a system crashes or task deadline is missed.

  • Ability and willingness to share knowledge around systems with others.

  • Ability to collaborate with business partners to build enhancements that are supportable, designed elegantly and perform well.




  • Understands basic system security concepts, such as SSO, VPN and encrypted data.


Problem-Solving Skills


  • Ability to follow a DMAIC process – define, measure, analyze, improve, control.

  • Ability to contextually understand data and company’s supply chain processes.

  • Ability to analyze log files, data and system performance to determine root causes for problems.

  • Ability to analyze log files, data and system performance to find opportunities for improvement.

  • Ability to set up system tests to narrow down causes of issue.


Self-initiating / Self-Motivated


  • Consultant must be able to operate within an environment where instruction and direction can sometimes be vague.

  • Consultant must be able to support project activities and assist teammates in ensuring delivery and project success.

  • Consultant should self-seek internal and external contributions to the practice and the project.

  • Consultant must be able to prioritize multiple activities and deadlines within a semi-autonomous environment.

  • Ability to rapidly acquire new knowledge / skills.


Experience / Education Requirements


  • Oracle Database experience a plus

  • SQL experience a plus

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